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Mafia World Tour Ranking Statement

As amended, in accordance with paragraph 8 of the protocol of the Annual Meeting of the FIII dated December 4, 2015


This provision regulates issues related to maintaining the rating of Mafia club players included in the structure of the “Mafia” intellectual role-playing game Federation, with the participation and holding of the championship line.

Article 1. The FIIM system maintains a general rating of all Mafia club players that are part of the FIIM.
Article 2. For participation in FIIM tournaments, in addition to club rating points, players are awarded additional points (hereinafter referred to as points).
Article 3. The system of tournaments and championships in different countries and cities is built in the FIIM system.
Article 4. Depending on the place taken in the tournament, points are awarded to the player.
Article 5. The number of points awarded to a player in a tournament depends on the player’s place in the tournament table, the category of the tournament and the number of players participating in it.
Article 6. Each tournament held under the auspices of the FIIM is assigned a category: “3 stars”, “4 stars”, “5 stars”.
Article 7. The 5 Star category is assigned to the MAFIA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Tournament.
Article 8. The category “4 stars” is assigned to the national championship tournament.
Article 9. The category “3 stars” is assigned to the city championship tournament, individual classification of any team championship and other tournaments.
Article 9-1. The 2-star category is assigned to local club tournaments held as part of the MWT for the first time.
Article 10. The minimum number of points that a player scores for participating in a 5-star tournament is 5 points.
Article 11. The minimum number of points a player scores for participating in a 4-star tournament is 4 points.
Article 12. The minimum number of points that a player scores for participating in a 3-star tournament is 3 points.
Article 13. Points for participation in a tournament in excess of the minimum are awarded depending on the player’s place in the tournament table (prize place). The scoring of a tournament player for entering the prize places is carried out in accordance with Appendix No. 1 to this Regulation.
Article 14. Points for participation in FIIM tournaments are awarded and valid from January 1 to December 31 of the current year. In the set-off of MWT points, a player is awarded points from participating in 10 tournaments where he was at a higher position in the tournament table and earned more points
Article 15. According to the results of the Mafia World Tour rating as of December 31, the participants of the MAFIA TOUR GROSSMEISTERS personal championship tournament are determined.
Article 16. The procedure and system for determining the winner of the MAFIA TOUR GROSSMEISTERS tournament is carried out on the basis of separate regulations.
Article 17. If a player registered for the MAFIA TOUR GROSSMEISTERS tournament withdraws from him less than 2 weeks before the start of the tournament without a very good reason, he will be deprived of the right to participate in the FIIM tournaments for one year.


FIIM President
E. Fedorov
June 13, 2013